Leak Survey

Do you know the cost of compressed air leaks?


Calculated with an around 6000 hours / year running plant (3×8 without week end), with a   150 Wh/Nm³ air production consumption under 7 Bar pressure and with a 0.10 £/kWh electrical cost.

Imagine now, if you find around 100 x 0.6 mm leaks + 30 x 1mm leaks + 10 x 3.4mm leaks, the leaks cost is around 35,500+ £/year.

Do not hesitate, Contact Pulse Air, we can find the leaks easily, make the repairs, save a lot of money and avoid energy waste!!!

Pulse Air uses a leak detection camera which is easy to use, efficient, with photo capture capabilities, to find compressed air leaks and to save money and energy.

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