Compack Series

This is the ideal solution for all users that need a screw compressor meeting the requirements of reliability, efficiency, total accessibility. Energy consumption is optimized, if compared to a piston compressor with the same airflow rate. Moreover, running and maintenance costs are reduced with a minimum footprint.

  • Direct-driven
  • Direct start, ON/OFF system with pressure transducer
  • Floor standing with option of 100L or 150L
  • Air release from 240 to 350 L/MIN at 10 bar
  • Anti-condensation system

Thanks to the electronic control unit, it entwines the need for reliability, efficiency and the typical functionalities of the greatest screw compressors, it is also designed to run continuously.

It is made up of a state of the art pumping air end, the most compact in the field, integrating the main components of a screw compressor (air-end, separator tank, thermostatic and minimum pressure valve, intake valve) and being ground-breaking in the choice of materials: a steel core in an aluminium case. Thanks to the heating system that eliminates the condensate problem, it is also designed to run continuously, that is at fixed intervals. In terms of the same quantity of air released, it guarantees energy efficiency if compared to a piston compressor with the same air flow rate.

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