KME C series 4-15KW

The ‘C’ Series, a Poly V belt-driven system with a cast-iron taper-hub pulley, always ensures the highest reliability in any work condition. Minimizing power losses and guaranteeing a low noise level for each revolution and perfect alignment of the rotating elements. Thanks to the system of sliding plate for the electric motor, the belt tightening process is made easier, allowing its accurate adjustment. The ‘C’ series entwines the benefits of a compact screw compressor, with low management costs and excellent performance, mainly in the applications requiring continuous running.

Total function control through a user friendly electronic board. Reduced overall dimensions and simplified installation are a winning card to overcome space problems. Cost savings are huge. There are no added installation charges for desiccant dryers and tank components, since they are wholly assembled. Air leakage from connection pipes is also absent.

Top notch pumping system with integrated unit guarantees extremely reduced overall dimensions

  • Oil-injected air-end
  • Minimum pressure valve
  • Thermostatic valve
  • Intake valve

These air-ends ensure little wear and tear, high efficiency, long lastingness and reliability.

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